What A HEPA Filtration Unit Is Used For?

There are numerous damaging contaminants that will infiltrate significant areas in a wide range. Impurities will enter by air or otherwise on the feet of any such carrier moving amid the external atmosphere and inside the vital space, for instance. To have a clean and better living environment, excellent air quality is essential. This particular demand has resulted to the creation of HEPA air filters.

High efficiency particle arresting best known as HEPA is a sort of air filter, designed to remove tiny airborne particles of size 0.3 microns with about 99.97% efficiency. A filter meeting the HEPA standard finds their applications in many fields such as they are utilized in homes, medical facilities, aircrafts, automobiles and more.

Explore the many uses of a HEPA air filter

A HEPA filtration unit utilized in the medical or surgical sector incorporates high energy UV light weight units in order to kill the bacterium or viruses and keep them at bay by the efficient filter media. These crucial measures limit the quantity of pollutant particulates amid the atmosphere. Researchers have revealed fact that about 80% of infectivity or contamination tends to enter the clean room via exits and entrances. In order to combat this issue, suitable flooring systems are utilized which attracts, retain as well as inhibit the expansion of particulates or viable organisms.

S4This filtration unit is helpful for asthma sufferers as well. People with Asthma usually suffer with allergic asthma or extrinsic asthma and they are at high risk when the airborne particles trigger such as mold, dust, pet dander and pollen are in the air. Unfiltered air increases the severity and frequency of asthma attacks. Thus, in order to avert this it is recommended to use a HEPA air filter.

Apart from medical applications, HEPA filtration unit can be beneficial for you in your office or home every day. The following lists a few;

Removes Pet dander – If you have an adorable furry pet, a cat, bird, dog or any other, they all produce dead skin (flakes of dry) known as dander. The dander usually ranges in the size from 0.5 – 10 microns. Breathing the greater volumes of these particles produced by pets on a daily basis is neither good for humans or pets as well. Filtering the air is the one best way to avert ingestion or inhalation of these particulates, which can lead to several respiratory ailments.

Controls virus and bacteria – These typically spread by attaching to larger dust or airborne particles and thus, making them an easier and essential air target for an air purifier to eliminate.

Removes Dust – Dust is undeniably the bane of indoor spaces and is apparently relentless in coating many surfaces in offices or homes. Dust is typically a combination of dirt from the exterior that combines with the lint. Lint is a tiny piece of fiber from carpet, clothing, pet or human hair. So a house with kids and pets that are often moving out would produce more dust when compared to an abode that sees very less activity.

Many of these contaminants are difficult to remove from the air without the aid of HEPA air filter!


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