Safety Floor Shields: Why Nuclear Facilities Need Them

The Nuclear crisis is the one of the hazardous condition that may happen in the endearment of nuclear plants and other related industries. This type of nuclear attacks may kill so many workers. So in order to avoid and to protect workers from this dangerous condition, safety shielding for floor is a very essential thing in industries. Taking a shelter with proper shielding is very necessary in the nuclear radiation environments.

Radiation shielding

The most harmful parts of the nuke attacks are residual nuclear radiation and initial nuclear radiations. The alpha, gamma and beta are the three types of nuclear radiation. Alpha radiation can be shielded by human skin or sheet of paper. The gamma radiation is also most dangerous, so it needs a thick shielding. So to get the safety from these types of harmful radiation safety floor shields are very helpful. In addition to this, some of the problems listed below also need the floor shielding.

  • On the floor, the level of contamination usually is in the millions of dpm per cm2. Anybody moving through the places could create airborne contamination levels in extreme ranges that would cross the safety factors of the respiration tool. So these places require being decontaminated.
  • The tents should be incorporated into building through a four foot wide airlock door. There are only a few employees provided to the task and setting up the large containment would be hard. Not like most tasks the external surfaces of the containment and inner surfaces would be uncontaminated.
  • If the building is narrow, then it is difficult to install the containments and also it’s supporting tools. In the process cell radiation levels estimated would be high, so these areas needs floor shielding to protect the workers. This place, usually covers on the top of each bank and workers are restricted to enter it.

Significance of floor shields


The floor radiation shielding is associated with a system of lead lined plywood panels which form a continuous layer, safeguards the lower levels of your buildings from the emission of radiation in an environment such as Nuclear shielding, X-ray protection and many more. Depending on the thickness shielding reduces the intensity of the radiation in the nuclear plants. This is an exponential affiliation with steadily retreating belongings as equivalent slices of safety floor shields substance are included.

The safety shielding for floor incorporates with several durable materials for lamination. The materials are designed with different atomic numbers to protect against the nuclear fallout such as ionizing radiation. This offers so many benefits such as: Protection from radiation damages and reduction of background noise for detectors. Some of the type of shielding capable of observing gamma rays which produce the X ray fluorescence. Eventually the energy can be reduced to suitable levels as each layer of substance absorbs the previous material’s x ray fluorescence. For safer use, these designed with solvent free formulation and also have durable finish and easier to clean. These are simple to apply and also have features such as fire resistant, anti slip and anti bacterial.


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