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Key Types Of Radiation Shielding Supplies

Radiation shielding equipments are used in a wide variety of radiologic applications. The use of radiation in the field of diagnosing and in treating the patients has advanced to a significant extent in the medical field.

Radiation shielding supplies are manufactured from lead. Lead shielding is widely used in a wide variety of applications which includes diagnostic imaging, industrial shielding and radiation therapy as well. Radiation shields are the materials are used to protect human beings from harmful radiation effects. It is placed between the radiation source and the humans. The process of radiation shielding is quite effective depending upon the thickness of the radiation shield material, type of radiation, and length between the object and the radiation should be minimal.

The majority of the radiation is caused by the gamma radiation, x-rays, beta rays, alpha particles and the neutrons. Alpha particles have greater penetrating power and it can be stopped with the help cloth piece. But gamma rays and the x-rays are highly potential destroyers.

Lead shielding products


  • The main function of lead in nuclear plants is to protect the radioactive materials which are produced in the reactor and to protect the harmful radiations. Lead bricks, core lead pipes, lead wool, lead sheets are some of the radioactive materials which are used in the nuclear plants. Lead shields and the lead foils are the most commonly used radioactive shielding accessories.
  • Nuclear pharmacy makes use of a wide range of radioactive elements in order to treat specific ailments. The medical field requires handling of various radioactive materials which emits harmful radiations and hence requires shielding equipments.

Some of the most common lead shielding equipments which are used in the industry are glass plates, glass equipments and lead shielded syringes. Radiation proof shielded doors are used in the X-ray rooms. Lead shielded gloves, curtains aprons, collar are widely used by the medical practitioners who are handling with the radioactive materials. Lead containers are widely used for storing the samples required for the tests and for treating the diseases which make use of radioactive materials.

  • Lead sheets – Lead sheets are widely used to weaken certain kinds of radiations due to its high density and atomic number. They are quite effective in stopping the alpha rays, x-rays and the gamma rays. It is more effective than neutron radiation.


Lead sheets are widely used for nuclear shielding at the power plants, labs and at military installations. Lead sheets are used where radiation requirements are quite low. They can be also used to construct walls and other similar structures. Hence, it can be used to produce permanent solutions.


Lead bricks are used to build shielding walls for temporary or permanent storage locations. They provide greater flexibility and protection from all sorts of nuclear radiations. The smooth surface of the lead bricks enables for easy removal of the radioactive dust elements from the lead shield.

The above mentioned are some of the common examples of Radiation shielding supplies